How to create Websites (and more) with PowerShell?

If you, like me, are maintaining lots of websites, you probably want to script as much as you can. It’s time consuming to change a setting for 20+ websites, and it’s also a great chance you miss something in the process.

PowerShell is really neat in these cases, and it gets better for every new release as well.

This is a script i use to do the following:

  1. Create a new application pool, with the preferred .NET version, identity and a few other settings
  2. Create a folder to hold the website
  3. Create the website
  4. Configure a scheduled task to rotate and archive log files.

This script is highly customized for my needs and my environment. As you can se there’s a lot of assumptions in the script, that you may want to change, but i may be a nice start for you!


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