Does your edit mode show up blank after upgrade?

I’ve seen quite a few users who ended up with just the top bar in edit mode after upgrading EPiServer lately. Most of them seems to have to do with the Visual Studio Web Accessibility Checker, or with Browser Link.

For me, however, none of them solved the issue, and it took me a while to figure out the reason. I had similar errors as the above, with the console full of dojo script errors so my first action was to enable client resource debug ny adding this to the episerver.framework section:

I ended up with a slightly more readable error cause:

The reference to epi-cms.component.Media.js got my attention. I know for sure i have i component on my site that make use of that component. A quick look later the component was found:

Once found, the solution was only 2 characters away. A while ago EPiServer changed the dot-notation to slash-notaion. So all i had to do was to change the code above to:

And the edit mode came back!

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